Patterns in nature

Fibonacci sequence in nature

‘The fibonacci appears in the smallest, to the largest objects in nature. It is a way for information to flow in a very efficient manner. Spirals are the most common galaxy shape. Galaxies group together in superclusters and superclusters group together in walls. These walls or filaments of numerous superclusters, gravitationally-bound and separated by large areas of void, are the largest known structures in the universe.’

Anglerfish ovaryhokusaicancer-cell-divisionfibonacci spiralfibonacciSpiralALOEroman cauliflowersea-shell-fossilspore sidpix

The Fibonacci Sequence in Nature

Comparing patterns of human fingerprints to trees 

Our connection to the planet stems deeper than surface level, through fibbonachi and printing.


New images of pluto

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