Cat Lewis

Cat Lewis is an organic artist who came to talk to us about her experience in creating natural dyes/inks. She is described as

‘a visual artist who is a textile specialist but with a practice that encompasses a wide range of media and techniques. Her work is driven by a passion: to create without burden, to add to the existing but often unseen, to represent the forgotten or undervalued; traditional skills and lapsed thoughts, how easily they are lost.’

In particular, Cat’s work with Llandough hospital stood out to me, using healing plants and creating a well-being space area. The connection between natural and healing/progression is a concept which I have been thinking to apply to my subject creating a sensory space for children. It has made me question how this could be done with the natural world rather than smart tech and the difference in the two and how it can affect autism.

Cat is also doing a residency at Made In Roath, an art space a stone throw around the corner from where I live, so I will be sure to pop in and have more discussions with her.

Taking the well to the space

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